Shipping costs

Shipping costs to Austria and Germany are EUR 5,50. Starting with an order value of 200 Euros or higher we deliver free of shippment costs. These shipping costs are valid for our standard choice of deliverer. When you choose a different deliverer there is a surcharge to the shipping costs.

With shippments by DHL there is a surcharge of 0.85 Euro (Germany) respectively 2.90 Euro (Austria). The threshold for a delivery free of shipping costs increases to 200 Euros (Germany) respectively 300 Euros (Austria).

To Italy the shipping costs are 7.50 Euros (regardless of the number of parcels).

The shipping costs to other countries per parcel (weight maximum 29.5 kg) are:

Country Shipping Costs
Belgium EUR 5.60
Luxembourg EUR 5.60
Netherlands EUR 5.60
Danmark EUR 6.50
Bulgaria EUR 6.81
Czech Republik EUR 9.20
France EUR 12.90
Monaco EUR 16.10
Poland EUR 16.10
Slovakia EUR 16.10
Slovenia EUR 16.10
Hungary EUR 16.10
Spain EUR 19.40
Portugal EUR 19.40
Croatia EUR 22.60
Finland EUR 22.60

For deliveries to Great Britain the shipping costs are charged in kilos. The base rate is 13.12 euros and increases by 0.73 euros per kilo of the parcel. 

In regions that are difficult to reach (especially islands) the normal shipping costs are increased by a so called "island surcharge".